Worker’s Compensation

workerscompThe firm handles complex workers compensation cases for individuals across the State.  The firm represents injured workers exclusively, and never represents employers or insurance carriers.  Ms. Herndon is experienced in handling a wide range of accidents, including serious back injuries, head injuries, and electric burns.  The firm also handles occupational disease claims including chemical exposure cases, such as asbestos, brown lung, occupational asthma, cancer, and other work-related diseases; psychiatric problems resulting from workplace accidents; and repetitive motion disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, injured workers often need advice regarding long term or social security disability benefits or issues relating to retaliatory termination.  Because of Ms. Herndon’s expertise in these areas, the the firm can provide additional legal assistance that other firms do not.  A representative description of cases the firm has successfully handled:

  • Claims on behalf of a group of employees against a major brick manufacturing facility in Salisbury, for occupational diseases including cancer and rheumatoid arthritis caused by exposure to silica and other chemicals.
  • Claims on behalf of a group of employees against a large automobile glass manufacturing plant in eastern North Carolina, for repetitive motion injuries.
  •  A claim on behalf of a construction worker who fell from a roof and sustained serious injuries to his legs, back and feet.  Representation has been ongoing for almost a decade and has involved several proceedings to establish entitlement to medical care and other benefits.  The firm also handled his social security disability claim.